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microLYSIS®-Plus is now available in 1 ml pack sizes making it even easier to try our novel reagent on your favourite samples!

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Are you working on Staphylococcus species?

If so we recently developed a powerful DNA release reagent called StaphBreaker™ that is specifically designed for these notoriously tough cells while maintaining a delicate touch that leaves your DNA intact for optimal downstream processing.

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Are reagent costs limiting your PhD research?

We are offering UK PhD students a generous discount on all of our reagents for the duration of their project.

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New microLYSIS-Plus citation

microLYSIS was recently cited in 'Ecological characteristics of the enterococcal surface protein (esp) gene with reference to microbial tracking'

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New microCLEAN citation

microCLEAN was recently cited in 'A rare mutation in MYH7 gene occurs with overlapping phenotype'

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