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We have been manufacturing and distributing our own unique range of specialist molecular biology products since 1998. They have been designed to make your research easier, quicker and robust.

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Do DNA extractions feel like a Herculean task?

If so why not try out our microLYSIS®-Plus DNA release buffer with no solvents, spin columns or beads

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microCLEAN for PCR clean-up

The real alternative to spin columns!

With no spin column microCLEAN is quicker, cheaper and more flexible than other products. It offers excellent recovery, is reliable and can be used for both tubes and plates.

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Are reagent costs limiting your PhD research?

We are offering UK PhD students a generous discount on all of our reagents for the duration of their project.

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New MegaMix citation

MegaMix was recently cited in 'VEGF189 binds NRP1 and is sufficient for VEGF/NRP1-dependent neuronal patterning in the developing brain'

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