Molecular Biology Reagents

DNA Extraction and Release

Solutions for cell lysis and DNA purification. Get PCR-ready DNA or purify as you require:

  • microLYSIS®

    • microLYSIS is optimised to lyse the cells most commonly used in the lab. This includes bacterial (e.g. E. coli), yeast (e.g. S. cerevisiae) and human cells (e.g. HeLa). It enables you to produce PCR-ready DNA (including plasmid) in less than 15 minutes. Mix the cells with the microLYSIS solution and thermocycle. The DNA can either be used directly or stored at -20°C for the future.

  • microLYSIS®-Plus

    • microLYSIS-Plus will help you get DNA from even the most difficult sources. It can lyse the toughest bacterial cells and spores as well as yeasts, fungi, moulds, some plant and some animal tissues directly. Mix cells with this more complex lysis solution and thermocycle to release DNA. Unlike DNA released with bead-beating systems, DNA released using microLYSIS-Plus is intact.


    • DNAMITE is our method for extracting large amounts of high purity DNA. We have kits to extract DNA from animal tissue, plant leaves/petals/seeds, nematodes and bacteria. DNAMITE is quicker than spin-column methods and uses fewer steps. It doesn’t use ethanol, phenol, chloroform or isopropanol, so it’s safer for you and the environment.

  • DNAMITE® Direct

    • DNAMITE DIRECT is a new formulation designed to generate PCR-ready DNA from larger volume samples. Like our other DNA release and extraction products, the emphasis is on speed and ease of use. This kit has been used on meat, fish and feather samples, generating high quality DNA even suitable for qPCR. Contact us for specific protocols.

  • StaphBreaker™

    • StaphBreaker™ is our innovative lysis reagent for DNA release from Staphylococcus species. This powerful method provides ample DNA from these notoriously tough cells while maintaining a delicate touch that leaves your DNA intact for optimal downstream processing.

Molecular Biology Reagents for DNA extraction and DNA release

DNA Sequencing

Improve your reads with our novel enhancing dilution buffers:

  • BetterBase

    • This is a novel enhancing buffer designed for use with the ABI BigDye® v1.1 and v3.1 sequencing mixes. It is compatible for use with all sequencing machines and replaces either home-made or other commercial dilution buffers. In some instances it has also been shown to improve results from difficult templates.

  • BetterBuffer

    • This is a novel enhancing buffer designed for use with the ABI BigDye® sequencing mixes v1.0 and 3.0. Like BetterBase, it is compatible with all sequencing machines (except MegaBACE) and can be used to reduce costs in the same way. Simply dilute the ABI BigDye®, thereby reducing your consumption and reducing your costs.

  • 5x BaseQ®

    • This is a straightforward 5x dilution buffer for sequencing reactions and should be used as a direct replacement for ABI dilution buffers. Unlike BetterBase or BetterBuffer it offers no capacity for sequencing enhancement.

Molecular Biology Reagents for DNA sequencing

Molecular Essentials

Highest quality everyday essentials:

  • DNA Ladders

    • We offer a variety of DNA size standards to cover a wide range of molecular sizes from 50 base pairs (bp) to 23 kilobases (kb). All are supplied ‘ready-to-load’ in room-temperature-stable loading buffer with instructions for use with the optimal gel concentration. We supply 100 bp, 1 kb and Lambda~Pst I DNA ladders.

  • dNTPs

    • ‘Ready-to-use’ Molecular Biology Grade dNTPs available in sets of four individual nucleotides or in premixed solutions. Each set of four nucleotides consists of separate vials of ultra-pure dATP, dCTP, dGTP, and dTTP solutions at either 10 mM or 100 mM. Individual nucleotide solutions can be used in PCR, DNA labelling and sequencing processes.

      Our pre-mixed solutions contain either 2 mM or 10 mM of each nucleotide so that in a typical 50 µl PCR, 5 µl or 1 µl of each mix will give a final concentration of 200 µM per dNTP. These solutions have been made primarily with PCR applications in mind, as well as DNA labelling and DNA sequencing.

  • Just Water

    • ‘Ready-to-use’ Molecular Biology Grade highly pure water, suitable for use in all molecular biology applications. Quality control shows the complete absence of DNase and RNase.

  • TE Buffer

    • ‘Ready-to-use’ Molecular Biology grade 10 mM Tris/1mM EDTA. Quality control shows the complete absence of DNase and RNase.

  • MgCl2

    • ‘Ready-to-use’ Molecular Biology Grade 1 M MgCl2 solution for use in all molecular biology applications. Quality control shows the complete absence of DNase and RNase.

  • Mineral Oil

    • ‘Ready to use’ Molecular Biology grade highly pure oil suitable for use in all molecular biology applications. Quality control shows the complete absence of DNase and RNase.

  • Proteinase K

    • Molecular grade Proteinase K, a powerful enzyme for digestion of proteins and nucleases that leaves your DNA intact for downstream processing.

  • Ethidium Bromide

    • ‘Ready-to-use’ Molecular Biology Grade Ethidium Bromide suitable for the efficient visualisation of DNA following electrophoresis in agarose gels. Supplied as a 10 mg/ml solution.

  • microBLUE

    • ‘Ready-to-use’ Molecular Biology Grade Agarose loading buffer. Providing stable loading conditions and clear visualisation of your sample during electrophoresis. Supplied at 5x concentration.

Molecular Biology Reagents Essentials

Polymerase Chain Reaction

Mastermixes to simplify your PCR and make it more reliable:

  • MegaMix

    • A ready-to-use master mix containing recombinant Taq polymerase. A typical 50 µl MegaMix reaction has a final concentration of 2.5 mM MgCl2 and contains 1 unit of Taq along with all the other fixed components needed – high purity dNTPs, reaction buffer and a superb enzyme stabiliser.

  • MegaMix-Blue

    • This has all the advantages of MegaMix but also incorporates a blue dye, allowing easy visualisation and eliminating the need for additional gel loading buffers. The dye does not inhibit restriction enzymes or ligases and does not fluoresce at the wavelengths used by automated DNA sequencers. Therefore it doesn’t interfere with the usefulness of the PCR – just makes it more convenient to use.

  • MegaMix-W

    • This is a special mix formulated for use with the Wave® Machine (Transgenomics Inc.). Many chemicals found in PCR buffers (e.g. BSA) can interfere with the performance of the Wave® Machine. MegaMix-W does not contain these chemicals and so gives reliable results without the need for further optimisation.

  • MegaMix-Gold

    • The first of our elite mixes, MegaMix-Gold, is designed to help you succeed with even the most challenging PCR systems. It is supplied double concentrated and contains all the core components needed to amplify DNA swiftly and reliably. Designed to minimize background and maximize yield, MegaMix-Gold is the champion of PCR mixes!

  • MegaMix-Royal

    • Our second elite mix, MegaMix-Royal, is a recalibration of MegaMix-Gold formulated to give you a second option. For convenience the same blue dye used with MegaMix-Blue is incorporated so you can load agarose gels straight away. It is supplied double concentrated and as with MegaMix-Gold offers highly consistent results even with challenging PCR systems. Designed to minimize background and maximize yield, MegaMix-Royal is the king of PCR mixes!

  • microFORCE® Buffer

    • For use with GC-rich DNA templates, this convenient 4x buffer has been designed to enhance amplification even further when using our MegaMix-Gold or MegaMix-Royal mixes. Maximise your success with templates of up to 75% GC without inhibiting amplification from those with low GC content.

Molecular Biology Reagents for PCR

Quality Testing

Safeguard your work with products designed to give you absolute confidence:

  • Human DNAOK!

    • This kit enables you to check the quality of your human DNA extractions. Mix extraction samples with the kit’s MegaMix-Gold and primer solutions, thermocycle and visualise on agarose gel. Guard against extraction failures, the presence of PCR inhibitors and DNA degradation following storage.

  • OK! Kit

    • The easy way to check your PCR machine. Just take 10 μl from two tubes, mix together and thermocycle. The OK!Kit will identify whether your thermocycler is running correctly. It will identify as little as 1°C deviation from the correct annealing temperature and so is a fast, convenient and inexpensive way of assessing machine performance.

Molecular Biology Reagents for Quality Testing

PCR/DNA Cleanup

Purify and/or concentrate DNA fragments or genomic DNA for downstream applications such as sequencing:

  • microCLEAN

    • With no spin column microCLEAN is quicker, cheaper and more flexible than other products. It offers excellent recovery, is reliable and can be used for both tubes and plates. Just add an equal volume of microCLEAN to the sample, follow the 1½ spin protocol and get clean PCR fragments/DNA in less than 15 minutes.

  • CA Solution

    • This product has all the benefits of microCLEAN but is specially formulated to capture large DNA molecules. It is most widely used to clean and concentrate genomic DNA and can produce DNA ready for downstream processing in a matter of minutes.

Molecular Biology Reagents for DNA purification

Microzone Kits

Add value by buying our ready-made kits. We've bundled together some of our most popular products which means we can sell them at a discount:

  • Lyse 'N Easy®-Gold

    • Our tough microLYSIS-Plus product combined with MegaMix-Gold, our most powerful mix.

  • Lyse 'N Easy®-Royal

    • The ultimate in Microzone convenience. Our microLYSIS-Plus DNA release product bundled with our MegaMix-Royal mix which includes loading dye.

Kits for Molecular Biology