DNA Extraction & Release

Molecular Biology Reagents for DNA extraction and DNA release


    • microLYSIS® is optimised to lyse the cells most commonly used in the lab. This includes bacterial (e.g. E. coli), yeast (e.g. S. cerevisiae) and human cells (e.g. HeLa). It enables you to produce PCR-ready DNA (including plasmid) in less than 15 minutes. Mix the cells with the microLYSIS® solution and thermocycle. The DNA can either be used directly or stored at -20°C for the future.


    • microLYSIS-Plus will help you get DNA from even the most difficult sources. It can lyse the toughest bacterial cells and spores as well as yeasts, fungi, moulds, some plant and some animal tissues directly. Mix cells with this more complex lysis solution and thermocycle to release DNA. Unlike DNA released with bead-beating systems, DNA released using microLYSIS-Plus is intact.


    • DNAMITE® is our method for extracting large amounts of high purity DNA. We have kits to extract DNA from animal tissue, plant leaves/petals/seeds, nematodes and bacteria. DNAMITE is quicker than spin-column methods and uses fewer steps. It doesn’t use ethanol, phenol, chloroform or isopropanol, so it’s safer for you and the environment.


    • DNAMITE DIRECT is a new formulation designed to generate PCR-ready DNA from larger volume samples. Like our other DNA release and extraction products, the emphasis is on speed and ease of use. This kit has been used on meat, fish and feather samples, generating high quality DNA even suitable for qPCR. Contact us for specific protocols.


    • StaphBreaker™ is our innovative lysis reagent for DNA release from Staphylococcus species. This powerful method provides ample DNA from these notoriously tough cells while maintaining a delicate touch that leaves your DNA intact for optimal downstream processing.