BetterBase - DNA Sequencing Dilution Buffer

BetterBase DNA Sequencing Dilution Buffer

BetterBase is a novel enhancing DNA sequencing dilution buffer designed for use with the ABI BigDye® v1.1 and v3.1 sequencing mixes. It is compatible for use with all sequencing machines and replaces either home-made or other commercial dilution buffers. In some instances it has also been shown to improve results from difficult templates.

BetterBase5 x 0.3 ml3BBR-5datadata
BetterBase10 x 0.3 ml3BBR-10datadata
BetterBase5 x 1.5 ml3BBR1.5-5datadata
BetterBase10 x 1.5 ml3BBR1.5-10datadata
BetterBase1 x 25 ml3BBR25datadata
BetterBase Bulk1 x 250 ml3BBR250datadata

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      2010Mutational screening of VSX1 in keratoconus patients from the European population

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