BetterBuffer - DNA Sequencing Dilution Buffer

BetterBuffer DNA Sequencing Dilution Buffer

BetterBuffer is a novel enhancing DNA sequencing dilution buffer designed for use with the ABI BigDye® sequencing mixes v1.0 and 3.0. Like BetterBase, it is compatible with all sequencing machines (except MegaBACE) and can be used to reduce costs in the same way. Simply dilute the ABI BigDye®, thereby reducing your consumption and reducing your costs.

BetterBuffer5 x 0.3 ml3BB-5datadata
BetterBuffer10 x 0.3 ml3BB-10datadata
BetterBuffer5 x 1.5 ml3BB1.5-5datadata
BetterBuffer10 x 1.5 ml3BB1.5-10datadata
BetterBuffer1 x 25 ml3BB25datadata
BetterBuffer Bulk1 x 250 ml3BB250datadata

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