microCLEAN PCR purification provides a simple spin protocol that is quicker, cheaper and more flexible than other products. It offers excellent recovery, is reliable and can be used for both tubes and plates. Just add an equal volume of microCLEAN to the sample, follow the 1½ spin protocol and get clean PCR fragments/DNA in less than 15 minutes.

microCLEAN1 ml2MCL-1datadata
microCLEAN5 x 1 ml2MCL-5datadata
microCLEAN10 x 1 ml2MCL-10datadata
microCLEAN1 x 50 ml2MCL50datadata

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  • microCLEAN citations
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  • microCLEAN reviews
      2006MicroClean From Microzone Ltd.
      2006OrageneTM And DNA Sequencing With ABI Prism®

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