PCR Master Mixes

Microzone PCR Master Mixes

PCR master mixes to simplify your PCR and make it more reliable!


    • A ready-to-use PCR master mix containing recombinant Taq polymerase. A typical 50 µl MegaMix reaction has a final concentration of 2.5 mM MgCl2 and contains 1 unit of Taq along with all the other fixed components needed – high purity dNTPs, reaction buffer and a superb enzyme stabiliser.


    • This has all the advantages of MegaMix but also incorporates a blue dye, allowing easy visualisation and eliminating the need for additional gel loading buffers. The dye does not inhibit restriction enzymes or ligases and does not fluoresce at the wavelengths used by automated DNA sequencers. Therefore it doesn’t interfere with the usefulness of the PCR – just makes it more convenient to use.


    • This is a special mix formulated for use with the Wave® Machine (Transgenomics Inc.). Many chemicals found in PCR buffers (e.g. BSA) can interfere with the performance of the Wave® Machine. MegaMix-W does not contain these chemicals and so gives reliable results without the need for further optimisation.


    • The first of our elite mixes, MegaMix-Gold, is designed to help you succeed with even the most challenging PCR systems. It is supplied double concentrated and contains all the core components needed to amplify DNA swiftly and reliably. Designed to minimize background and maximize yield, MegaMix-Gold is the champion of PCR mixes!


    • Our second elite mix, MegaMix-Royal, is a recalibration of MegaMix-Gold formulated to give you a second option. For convenience the same blue dye used with MegaMix-Blue is incorporated so you can load agarose gels straight away. It is supplied double concentrated and as with MegaMix-Gold offers highly consistent results even with challenging PCR systems. Designed to minimize background and maximize yield, MegaMix-Royal is the king of PCR mixes!

    microFORCE® Buffer

    • For use with GC-rich DNA templates, this convenient 4x buffer has been designed to enhance amplification even further when using our MegaMix-Gold or MegaMix-Royal mixes. Maximise your success with templates of up to 75% GC without inhibiting amplification from those with low GC content.