MegaMix-Gold - Hot Start PCR Master Mix

MegaMix-Gold Hot Start PCR Master Mix

Our elite hot start PCR master mix, MegaMix-Gold, is designed to help you succeed with even the most challenging PCR systems. It is supplied double concentrated and contains all the core components needed to amplify DNA swiftly and reliably. Designed to minimize background and maximize yield, MegaMix-Gold is the champion of PCR mixes!

MegaMix-Gold1 ml2MMG-1datadata
MegaMix-Gold5 x 1 ml2MMG-5datadata
MegaMix-Gold10 x 1 ml2MMG-10datadata
MegaMix-Gold BulkBox of
50 x 1 ml
MegaMix-Gold BulkBox of
100 x 1 ml
MegaMix-Gold Bulk2 x Box of 100 x 1 ml2MMG-200datadata
MegaMix-Gold Bulk3 x Box of 100 x 1 ml2MMG-300datadata

For a full list of MegaMix-Gold citations please see the link below:

  • MegaMix-Gold citations
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      2010Molecular Genetics External Quality Assessment Pilot Scheme for KRAS Analysis in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
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