MegaMix-Royal - Hot Start PCR Master Mix

MegaMix-Royal Hot Start PCR Master Mix

Our second elite hot start PCR master mix, MegaMix-Royal, is a recalibration of MegaMix-Gold formulated to give you a second option. For convenience the same blue dye used with MegaMix-Blue is incorporated so you can load agarose gels straight away. It is supplied double concentrated and as with MegaMix-Gold offers highly consistent results even with challenging PCR systems. Designed to minimize background and maximize yield, MegaMix-Royal is the king of PCR mixes!

MegaMix-Royal1 ml2MMR-1datadata
MegaMix-Royal5 x 1 ml2MMR-5datadata
MegaMix-Royal10 x 1 ml2MMR-10datadata
MegaMix-Royal BulkBox of
50 x 1 ml
MegaMix-Royal BulkBox of
100 x 1 ml
MegaMix-Royal Bulk2 x Box of 100 x 1 ml2MMR-200datadata
MegaMix-Royal Bulk3 x Box of 100 x 1 ml2MMR-300datadata

For a full list of MegaMix-Royal citations please see the link below:

  • MegaMix-Royal citations
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