MegaMix-W - PCR Master Mix for the Wave® Machine

MegaMix-W PCR Master Mix for the Wave® Machine

This is a specially formulated PCR master mix for use with the Wave® Machine (Transgenomics Inc.). Many chemicals found in PCR buffers (e.g. BSA) can interfere with the performance of the Wave® Machine. MegaMix-W does not contain these chemicals and so gives reliable results without the need for further optimisation.

MegaMix-W BulkBox of
100 x 1 ml

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  • MegaMix-W citations
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      2007Spectrum of MKS1 and MKS3 mutations in Meckel syndrome: a genotype-phenotype correlation
      2005CDKN2A mutations in Scottish families with cutaneous melanoma: results from 32 newly identified families

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