MegaMix - PCR Master Mix

MegaMix PCR Master Mix

A ready-to-use PCR master mix containing recombinant Taq polymerase. A typical 50 µl MegaMix reaction has a final concentration of 2.5 mM MgCl2 and contains 1 unit of Taq along with all the other fixed components needed – high purity dNTPs, reaction buffer and a superb enzyme stabiliser.

MegaMix1 ml2MM-1datadata
MegaMix5 x 1 ml2MM-5datadata
MegaMix25 x 1 ml2MM-25datadata
MegaMix BulkBox of
100 x 1 ml
MegaMix Bulk2 x Box of 100 x 1 ml2MM-200datadata
MegaMix Bulk3 x Box of 100 x 1 ml2MM-300datadata
MegaMix-Double0.5 ml2MMD-1datadata
MegaMix-Double5 x 0.5 ml2MMD-5datadata
MegaMix-Double25 x 0.5 ml2MMD-25datadata
MegaMix-Double BulkBox of
100 x 0.5 ml
MegaMix-Double Bulk2 x Box of 100 x 0.5 ml2MMD-200datadata
MegaMix-Double Bulk3 x Box of 100 x 0.5 ml2MMD-300datadata

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