Human DNAOK! - DNA Integrity Assay

Human DNAOK! DNA Integrity Assay

Human DNAOK! is a DNA integrity assay that enables you to check the quality of human DNA extractions. Mix extraction samples with the kit's MegaMix-Gold and primer solutions, thermocycle and visualise on agarose gel. Guard against extraction failures, the presence of PCR inhibitors and DNA degradation following storage.

Human DNAOK! DNA Integrity Assay example

A multiplex PCR reaction is used to amplify from five different regions of the genome as well as a positive PCR control. If the DNA is good quality, the reaction will produce amplicons from five regions plus the control (see Lane 2 in the Figure opposite). If the DNA is partially degraded or fragmented, one or more of the amplicons from the genome will be missing (Lane 3). If the DNA has been entirely degraded, only the positive control will amplify (Lane 4).

Lane 1 – 100 bp DNA ladder, Lane 2 – High quality intact human DNA, Lane 3 – Partially degraded human DNA, Lane 4 – Fully degraded human DNA (positive PCR control visible).

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